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The Ultimate Guide to Converting Telephone Leads – Top Ten Tips

Many businesses invest large amounts of time and money into marketing and lead generation activities. They also take the time to analyse and build great products and services for customers. However, there is a crucial piece of the puzzle that is often neglected: converting telephone leads into paying customers.
In this Ultimate Guide to Converting Telephone Leads, our experts at Onwards Answering who provide our call handling, virtual receptionist and telephone answering services across the UK run through our top ten tips to get your team maximising every telephone call that comes your way.


Find the best person for the job

It is common for businesses to leave call handling to their lowest paid, untrained employee. However, in doing so, your calls may be answered by someone who is unfamiliar with the business’ culture code, unable to answer simple questions and has little experience in dealing with telephone enquiries. Is this really the person you want to be the first point of contact in your business? It’s vital to have someone with on-brand knowledge who is able to give each caller a personalised experience.


Train your team members

Every member of your team should be able to handle telephone enquiries professionally and in a way that builds your brand. Creating a simple script or processes for call handling can go a long way to converting telephone leads and should not add any additional pressure onto your team members.


Take essential information

When one of your team answers a call, it should become second nature to record essential information. Such information can allow your sales or business development team to follow up and understand more about the enquiry. At a minimum, your team should record the following information:
● The date of the call● What team member took the call● The name and details of the caller (e.g., contact number, email address)● What product or service they enquired about● How the caller found you (social media, Google search, press, print media etc)● The next steps for the enquiry● The outcome of the call


Track the source of the enquiry

As we have set out above, tracking the source of the enquiry is a fundamental part of the sales process. When you are able to identify how customers find you, you can take steps to ensure more customers find you. The combination of targeted marketing and improved telephone enquiry conversion could transform your business.


Qualify calls

Not every call is a great business opportunity, so an important part of the process is to identify whether to proceed. Qualifying leads and calls can save your team members a great deal of time. While ‘turning down’ business may seem counterintuitive, it can allow you to spend more time pursuing business that is truly valuable to your firm.


Be prepared to handle objections

When customers call to enquire about your services and you enter the sales process, it is only natural that objections will arise. Your role is to identify these concerns and create clear processes and answers for overcoming these objections. For example, perhaps some customers find your services ‘too expensive’. You should try to demonstrate the value you provide, explaining that you could actually be saving them money in the long-term.


Follow up

If a customer has taken the time to make a telephone enquiry, they are genuinely interested in your services. As we all know, life can often get in the way, so it is essential to follow up in an appropriate way, at the right time with potential leads.


Prepare answers to FAQs

An easy way to ensure that your caller’s questions are answered professionally and efficiently is by creating pre-prepared answers to your most commonly asked questions. You should ensure anyone who might be answering the phone has a copy and understands the substance of the answers.


Make sure telephone manner matches your firm’s culture and brand

You have spent time investing in your brand and building a strong business, but does this culture come across well over the phone? Answering the phone can be a burden, but it essential your team members understand the importance of their telephone manner in growing the business. It seems simple, but the impact of the voice on the phone for converting sales can be huge.


Reframe how your team views call handling

In most businesses, answering the phone is seen as an administrative strain. It takes time away from carrying out important work, and you want to get off the phone as quickly as possible. However, in order to improve your sales and customer service, it is essential to start seeing call handling for what it truly is - a business development opportunity.

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