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Data Security/Protection

We ensure your data is kept safe and secure

Data Security/Protection 

At Onwards Answering, we understand how important data security is to your business. We use state-of-the-art systems and technology to ensure your data is kept safe and secure. We also pride ourselves in training our team members from the outset and providing regular training updates to ensure data security and protection remain front of mind.

Our customers value our strict approach to security, and we have built our reputation on providing a service that is both customer-centric and secure. For more information about our security practices, call our team today on 0141 286 4220 or complete our online enquiry form, and we will call you back right away.

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Our Policies and Procedures 

We maintain strict policies and procedures for all customer accounts. Our culture of excellence means that all team members are responsible for not only strictly adhering to our procedures, but in keeping other team members accountable. We review and update our policies regularly to ensure we offer the best service to our customers.


Digital Security

To protect from cyberattacks, we have the necessary firewalls and protections set up across our network, and each computer we use has specialist virus protection software installed. We also provide each of our call handlers with individual sign-ins for their workstation, to minimise the risk of hacking. Our team members are trained to report anything that looks suspicious and we have a dedicated IT team to deal with any matters which arise immediately. We document all changes for compliance.

Getting the balance right between sales and security

Many call handling services struggle to provide good customer service while ensuring data and customer accounts remain secure. Customers can get frustrated if there are too many security questions or they cannot access their accounts. Without proper training, call handling agents can fail to build rapport with potential customers because they are so focused on getting through the security script. However, at Onwards Answering, our team members adhere strictly to our security protocols, while maintaining the friendly customer service you expect from a high-quality call handling service.


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Onwards Answering – Secure Call Handling Services in Scotland and the rest of the UK

At Onwards Answering, we are proud to help our customers make the most of the business opportunities that come their way, whilst operating securely. We are a team of real people building genuine relationships with your customers, not just a faceless contact centre. To discuss the needs of your business and find out how we can help you contact us today and we will get back to you without delay.

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    Clarity Simplicity Ltd

    "Onwards Answering is a vital part of our sales process. We know that getting the phone answered and quickly just needs to happen, or we lose. We know that telling a ‘shopper’ that we can help them before anyone else does is key. Our law firm’s progress is founded on this" See more.

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    Employ Easily Legal Services Ltd

    "Onwards Answering offers a difference which no other telephone answering service can"