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Call Handling for Hospitality & Leisure

Helping hospitality & leisure businesses to streamline operations

Hospitality & Leisure Call Handling Services, UK

Hospitality & leisure venues are busy and fast-paced, which means answering the phone may become an administrative burden that gets in the way of serving the customers in front of you. We can help.

Onwards Answering offers bespoke call handling services in Scotland and the rest of the UK specifically designed for the hospitality & leisure sector. Our experienced team will work with you to understand the challenges that are slowing you down and will work with you to design a call handling process to make you more efficient, professional and customer centric. Let us be an extension of your valued team.
Hospitality & leisure businesses can spend a great deal of time on marketing and providing a great experience for customers. However, when it comes to taking phone calls, they can often miss the mark. To discuss the call handling needs of your business, get in touch with our team today. We look forward to helping your business succeed.

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Hospitality & leisure call handling, UK

Call handling can relieve many difficulties for your hospitality & leisure business. You may not have the time or resource to handle all of your customers calls and lose out on important bookings as a result. Onwards Answering can improve the way your business operates.

Never miss a call 

For hospitality & leisure businesses, missed calls can result in huge amounts of lost business. There may be confusion about whether you are actually open, or customers might just call the next venue on their list. All of this is damaging to your reputation and can stop your business from growing.


Taking bookings is an important part of any hospitality & leisure sector business. However, leaving this up to those working in the venue can put unnecessary stress on your team members. When people are busy, it can be easy to make mistakes. Forgetting to write down a booking, misplacing the appointments, or simply taking down wrong information can lead to disaster. Let our professional sector-specific call handlers take care of your booking system, to help every shift run as smoothly as it can.

Complaints and questions

We can work with you to help understand your business and answer common questions your customers may have. How often have your staff members had to stop what they are doing simply to answer a call about opening times? We can allow you to get on with what you do best.

How it Works



Onwards Answering are pleased to offer our clients a broad range of products, services and packages to suit all budgets.

How it works

Working with us is simple, and we will guide you through every step.


If you are considering a call handling service, we understand you might have some questions.

Data Security

At Onwards Answering, we understand how important data security is to your business.

Expert Call Handling for Hospitality & Leisure in the UK

Onwards Answering helps hospitality & leisure venues throughout the UK to make the most of every opportunity. We can discuss the needs of your business and design a service that is tailored to help you. Contact our team today and we will get back to you right away.

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    Clarity Simplicity Ltd

    "Onwards Answering is a vital part of our sales process. We know that getting the phone answered and quickly just needs to happen, or we lose. We know that telling a ‘shopper’ that we can help them before anyone else does is key. Our law firm’s progress is founded on this" See more.

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    Employ Easily Legal Services Ltd

    "Onwards Answering offers a difference which no other telephone answering service can"