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Call Handling for Law Firms UK

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Law Firm Call Handling Services, UK

Law firms often spend a lot of time and money marketing both online and offline. However, investing in great marketing can be fruitless if you are not able to convert the calls that come your way into valuable work.

Onwards Answering can be your dependable partner in business by answering and managing your calls. Our experienced team can ensure you never miss an enquiry, and we help to turn each call into business. If you need a call handling service in Scotland or the rest of the UK, Onward Answering could be the solution. We offer legal sector-specific call handling, so you can be sure that your potential clients will be met with an understanding and knowledgeable person on the other end of the phone when they call.
Onwards Answering offers call handling packages to suit all law firms, no matter how big or small. To discuss your law firm’s call handling needs with a member of our team, contact us today and we will get back to you without delay. We look forward to helping your law firm grow.

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Law Firm Call Handling, UK

Call handling can benefit your law firm in many ways. From reducing the time constraints of taking calls to growing your bottom line, our experienced law firm call handling specialists can help streamline and improve the way your firm operates.

Never miss a call 

When clients are looking for a lawyer online and you fail to take their call, they will simply move to the next option on the list. Our call handlers can safeguard your reputation by answering every call on your behalf when you are out of office, meeting with clients, or simply trying to get on with what you do best.

Take control

At Onwards Answering, our team understands sales and can work with you to set up call flows, ensuring that every caller is treated in a way that not only builds your brand but encourages the caller to instruct you. Running a law firm can be busy and hectic, so let us take messages, handle sales calls, and send calls to voicemail for you. Our sector-specific service can help you to regain control of your sales process and your working day.

Call forwarding

Clients can waste time calling the wrong lawyer for their situation. By using our call handler service, we can direct them to the right person in your firm to handle their enquiry, allowing them to get the answers and assistance they need right away.

Lead generation and qualification

It can be frustrating to take calls from people who are just looking for free legal advice, clients who have called the wrong type of firm for their legal issue, or those simply calling to find the cheapest option to solve their legal problem. We can help to qualify your calls and pass on only the best leads to your team members.

How it Works



Onwards Answering are pleased to offer our clients a broad range of products, services and packages to suit all budgets.

How it works

Working with us is simple, and we will guide you through every step.


If you are considering a call handling service, we understand you might have some questions.

Data Security

At Onwards Answering, we understand how important data security is to your business.

Sector-Specific Call Handling Services for Law Firms in the UK

We've built our business on helping law firms just like you to make the most of the opportunities that come their way. To speak to us about the needs of your business and find out how we can help your firm, call us today.

What our partners say

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    Clarity Simplicity Ltd

    "Onwards Answering is a vital part of our sales process. We know that getting the phone answered and quickly just needs to happen, or we lose. We know that telling a ‘shopper’ that we can help them before anyone else does is key. Our law firm’s progress is founded on this" See more.

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    Employ Easily Legal Services Ltd

    "Onwards Answering offers a difference which no other telephone answering service can"